Saturday, January 10, 2009

"I'm Standing Next To This Handsome Guy"

OMG @ :44 I love how she grabs his suit. He did look handsome, I agree with her. Their chemsitry is off the hook. I love them on and off the show!


  1. I dont understand y she always seems to b flirty around Tristan when she's dating Dustin Miligan who plays Ethan on 90210? I dont understand why she just cant keep her hands to herself. Just because she & Tristan r dating on the show doesn't mean they r off set. She needs to focus on her relationship with Dustin.

  2. Girl I know what pic you talkin bout. They looked like they was bout to go at it. Dont Tristan gotta girlfriend named Christina? I remember her 4rm the bowlin' video that Jermaine Crawford (Dukie) posted on youtube.