Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are You Sure You're Ready For This?

I know I'm not.

I swear this show stays rushing shit! It's annoying. First they fight, then the get back together, and now they're having sex? All in three episodes? WTF? Couldn't that have waited until the end of the season? Couldn't they have waited longer than one episode to get Silver and Dixon back together again? Ugh. I hate how that was Lauren's last episode, I love her on the show. It's nice for Dixon to have a black friend.


  1. Thier playing 16 yr. olds, that's really how it happens in real life, on the show it was atleast 4 days of him not calling her and prematurely breaking up w/ her. Silver/Dixon have been going out since Sept. next week is a valentines day epi. which emotions will take over. Question..when doesn't teens rush into sex after the ILY are thrown, when doesn't a guy break up w/ a girl and then 3 days later thier back. It happens, this really does happen and the break up wasn't even a real break up it was frustration causing him to break it off. I didn't care for Christina but lately I've warmed up to her, I like her as a friend to Navid & Dixon. Lauren signed for 4 -5 epi. she's off contract but it doesn't mean she can't stay on, it's her decision if she wants to stay really, Jessica Lowndes went through that so is Adam Gregory and Kellan Lutz.

  2. I so agree with you girl! I think they rushed that whole thing. They need to take it slow, and the end of the show it ends all the suspense, I think they should leave some stuff for the other episodes so more people tune in. I first thought they where playing seniors but theyre only sophmores! Thats crazy