Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Ergo You Too

What the fuck is ERGO?


  1. The real question is: who says "ergo," when they could say "therefore?"

    BTW, hey Blu!

  2. The real question is: who says "ergo," when they could easily say "therefore?"

  3. You ever notice how every couple on t.v. is the same ? well that scene alone showed they were unique, the ergo word Dixon used to get her to ease up on admiting her love for him, hence ergo is used to say love. They basically made it a slang phrase in that scene, all day yesterday my friend's cousins and friends who are like 17 were all like "I ergo you" and I knew what they meant they Sixon'd it and made it thier own phrase to express love. Pretty cool if you ask me.

  4. "Ergo" does NOT mean "love" lol. It is another way of saying "therefore". Other ways of saying "ergo" are "consequently", "hence", "thus", "as a result", "accordingly", "for that reason", "that being the case", "on that account", etc.

    "You said 'this being in love stuff, is making you crazy', therefore, you love me".