Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Julito McCullum on Tyra Banks Show

I saw this yesterday when I was working, and I wish he had said he was gonna be on there or I would have told you to watch. Thanks to WorldStarHipHop, they got the footage on their site.

My $0.02- I love this kid. I do. I remember him on MTVs Say What Karaoke rapping to 50 cent's "In Da Club".

  1. He's gotta cut his hair if he wants to not be asked to do thuggish roles. Cutting the hair works for rappers, & singers so it will definately work for actors.
  2. He's gotta lose weight. I think he looks fine the way he is, cause he's not a bad looking kid, but Hollywood is about image like I said before.
  3. He's tryna rap, and that's cool. I want him to do well with everything he does, but he's not getting an exposure rapping. It's not like he's down w/ someone who is established.
  4. He's gotta find something that he is good at other than the arts. I don't really have an answer for the kid. It sucks cause I want to see him excel in the game.

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  1. He gained a lot of weight. It's kind of weird how quickly he gained it at his age. Teens never gain that much in such a short amount of time...especially when they are active in any form. Best of luck to him.

  2. I think if he got himself a good agent and back on track then he could do something with himself. Its sad that there isn't as much black shows on right now but i think that if we were to stop watching the white shows then maybe that would make a statement. I wish him luck though. theres always online series.