Thursday, March 12, 2009 Behind the Scenes Phootshoot

Can't wait til the pics come out. Im sooooo gonna cop that mag

UPDATE:I wanted a full length interview, & I aint get one! Booo! Maybe when he is more famous we can get one. Basically his pic was on the opposite side of Lauren London's (I love that girl!) & he basically said the same thing he's been saying in all his interviews; He wants to be like Will, Denzel & Don Cheadle (gasp! What he know about Sylvester Kelly*?). He also said that being on 90210 was like being around family. He wants to play a role similar to The Joker in The Dark Knight or an action hero toting an AK 47.

"Acting is my life, and music is my mistress. Things seems to be getting real hot and heavy."
[a quote from the article]

Just like Julito & Maestro, I am starting to lose[in some cases didn't have] interest in their music endeavors. [STICK TO ACTING BOYS!] The pic in the magazine is pretty blurry, and the lil "interview" they did was pretty short so I didn't cop the magazine.

* Go see Rosewood


  1. He is so freakin hot, I love this kid!!!! Wonder if he likes older women

  2. women are BEGGIN!!! juss horrible guy 19 juss chill lol find a man your own age