Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tristan Wilds Is One of the Most Beautifulist People in 2009


LOL @ the list that's online. They only show 18, but the 90210 girls made the list, and then Tristan is all by himself. They never show the other boys any love. What gives? Wait do I really care? No. Just as long as they keep showing Tris love, it's all good.

Now enough about the looks, lets start recognizing and acknowledging the talent. Please?

EDIT: I had to add the song.

Most beautifullest thing - Keith Murray

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  1. It's a pre-release list, the rest of it will be released in true rankings on Friday on I love his talents and that should not go unnoticed but it's about time they acknowledge his looks too, his talents can't be ignored I mean he's 19 and getting more gigs than anyone on that CW network or show. The rest of the guys on 90210 I wouldn't have put on that list, that list deserves special people, well maybe I would make an exception for the guy that plays Navid, I still don't know his name LOL.