Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tristan's friend, and sister from another mister (hahaha) has a new blog (see blog title) where she talks about the people in her life and things she has going on. Well, with Tristan being her "brother from another mother" she'll be posting about him from time to time.

Click here to ask Miss Diddy aka Gracey some questions about Tristan. Her top 10 favorites will be posted on the site next week.


  1. I used to see her on his top friends list on Myspace and ive seen him talk to her on twitter. its cool to know who she is finally and what role she plays in his life and/or career. did u kno she is friends with omarion? that's so cool.

  2. Im just glad we get to c more pix of Tristan! He's soooooo cute.