Monday, May 31, 2010

Jermaine Crawford x Drake x Find Your Love

Jermaine covers Drake's new single "Find Your Love".

Click here to download the audio from the video.


  1. ive heard him sing before, but i dont like his cover of this song. it doesn't sound good to me. he can sing though because all the other stuff he sang on youtube sounded good.

  2. JERMAIN CAN'T SING FOR SHYTTT!!! stick to acting dude. this shyt was LAME! the lyrics was freaking childish. i feel bad that u wasted ur time doing this song. some where drake's ears are bleeding. ur voice didn't even go with the beat or the tone. u ruined a perfectly good song. u should've put some auto tunes in this, instead of embarrassing urself like that.

  3. well, tell us how you REALLY feel. i have heard jermaine sing might want to go to him myspace page ( or his youtube channel ( . this song just wasn't a good choice.