Sunday, May 23, 2010

LA Times Says Michael B. Jordan is Underrated

Michael B. Jordan: We're not alone in championing the daring new season of "Friday Night Lights" that essentially reset the entire show, but some credit must go to Jordan, left, who joined the excellent ensemble cast as troubled QB Vince Howard. In a heartbreaking performance not far from his turn as the young lookout Wallace from "The Wire," Jordan is helping a great show become even better.

I have to agree. He was the only kid who's career I was interested in following from Hardball. He was the only person I knew was going to be on The Wire before I even started watching the show. I also think he gets overlooked when people discuss the young corner boys because he didn't have to carry an entire season. I must say that he is the heart of the first season.  He is the reason I can not watch the entire season without getting a lump in my throat and a burning sensation in my eyes knowing he was in the last days before he did. 

ONTD via LA Times

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