Friday, May 7, 2010

Six Things You Never Knew About Michael B. Jordan

This popped up in my email a week ago, and I retweeted it on the CB twitter being all lazy. Here you go!

Come on, who doesn’t love a man who plays a football player on a hit TV series?
Michael B. Jordan, no, not the basketball legend, but the actor best known for his role as troubled teen Reggie Montgomery on ABC’s soap opera All My Children, is planning to take his career to the next level. The 23 year-old California native who has appeared on HBO’s The Wire and USA’s The Assistants, recently joined the cast of Friday Night Lights as football quarterback Vince Howard, which premieres May 7th at 8pm on NBC. Michael told us some things you probably never knew about him!

Six things you never knew about Michael B. Jordan!
  1. The B [in his middle name] stands for BAKARI it means: of noble promise in Swahili.
  2. I used to have the biggest chipped front tooth ever.
  3. I fight the urge to get tattoos daily.
  4. I make killer mashed potatoes from scratch..
  5. I have no feeling on the tip of my left index finger..
  6. I am secretly planning on taking over the WORLD!!! (Shhh!)
Catch Mike on Friday Night Lights' season 4 premiere TONIGHT on NBC

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