Friday, June 11, 2010

90210- Interview de Tristan Wilds au Festival

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I liked all the questions that were asked. I also wanted to know how he felt about 90210 being a guilty pleasure vs it NOT being critically acclaimed. Those Europeans were throwing some shade his way with those questions. Especially the man who said,"Let's be honest, the show barely made it to season 3." Wow.

If this show was executed properly I think it could have been better. From blogs & message boards that I visit Dixon/Tristan isn't a largely liked character/actor on the show. Everyone's talked about the way he looks, acts & lack of sex appeal(eh) it makes me feel some type of way. I wonder how things will play out after the show is over.

I'm also nervous for Red Tails (I have my reasons), and I want it to do well so let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.


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