Monday, June 7, 2010

Tristan's Video Blog From Monaco

It's just him giving us a tour of his room, and the ONE bed him & his sister is supposed to share. I thought it was cool that he posted some footage, the view from the room is Niiiiiiice


  1. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! tristan needs a damn hair cut ASAP!! did he found out his getting cut from 90210 or something, and his trying to save money??? is that y his looking like a hobo in this vid. damn i get his trying to look grown n everything but DAMN!!! nigga look like a scary beast!!! the only thing that looks good in this video is the view. as 4 his sister: uumm how bout them lakers? lol

  2. maybe he didn't want to get his hair cut in the off season. it's not even that serious even though i would rather see him with a haircut. as 4 his sister: that comment wasn't necessary, i would love to know what you look like.