Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tristan Wilds on Pop Candies TV

This weekend Tristan celebrate his 21st birthday with a group of his close friends at Phillipe Chows. Pop Candies TV chopped it up with him as he gave them the scoop on his upcoming film Red Tails.


  1. Its sad to say but that red tails movie is going to bomb so hard. I already feel bad for everybody involved. Evan was so smart to jump ship when he did he mustve smelled the disaster. Although I do think the cast is talented and the story has merit I just dont see it working. Mainy because of the director. I know he does good tv work but that doesnt translate well to ciema all the time. And as you ccan see with the re-shoots shit wasnt looking right. I believe hemingway can handle character conflict but maybe they shouldve brought in another director to handle the visual aspect of it. I think its cheezy that theyve dug up every young black from the grave and threw them in this project. But we'll see. Dont expect any oscad nods out of this unless they get a great song or costuming award. I hope tristan can bounce back.

  2. i'll be honest with you. i thought they should have picked a director who could handle a movie of this caliber like spielberg, he would have been perfect. better yet, lucas could have just directed it himself. there is a random selection of actors & i would have prefered if it was better casted. i can think of about 5 different people really didnt need to be in this movie. the casting director is the same casting director from "the wire", so i thought she/he could have done a better job at selecting the actors. they should have picked a big star to make a major draw because who's gonna see this movie? i will, but many people might not be checking for it. this feels like its gonna be like another "miracle at st. anna" and we all know how that ended up. FAIL