Friday, July 8, 2011

Michael B. Jordan - What's In a Name?

If you see Michael B. Jordan in the street, you can call out "Vince," the character he has played on Friday Night Lights for the last two seasons, or "Alex," the character he has played on Parenthood for the last season, or "Wallace," the character he played on The Wire 10 years ago, or "Mike"—his actual name—and Jordan will answer to any one. If you call him too early in the morning, however, he might still be sleeping and he won't answer at all. Considering Jordan has been in filming a feature in South Africa, his jet-lagged sleep schedule is understandable.

Acting since he became a teenager, 25-year-old Jordan has made an indelible impact on television with the above-mentioned roles as well as long-running characters on All My Children and The Assistants, and more recently on Lie to Me. Jordan's compelling turn in these parts has propelled him to the big screen. At the start on 2012 he will be starring in Chronicle and in Redtails alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard.

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