Monday, March 16, 2009

Michael B. Jordan In Prague


He posted a new video on his facebook pg, but unfortunately I can't post it on here. I wish he had uploaded it to Youtube. I'll give you a rundown of what he said.

  • Nothing's in English, and very few people who speak english.
  • It's cold & damp, with cobblestone streets.
  • Foreign exchange is cool. For every US dollar is $20 Czech dollars. You can get a bill for like $20,000 Czech, everything is expensive.
  • The architecture is nice. Castles everywhere. Gargoyles & all that.
  • Says it's lonely. Came with 8 brothers, & saw about 9 or 10 others.
  • Prague is Prague.
  • Pray for him.

In the comments that go with the video, he said he is going to be out there for FOUR MONTHS! Dayum! I hope Tristan or Marcus or Evan makes more videos & stuff so we can see what's good. If Michael posts pics, I will post them on here.


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