Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tweets From Jermaine


I didn't get the name of the movie, so I went on over to IMDB to see what it was. He has a movie called An American Affair coming out where he plays a character named "Andre". There's also a TV series called, Past Life where he plays a character of the same name. I would love to see the kid on TV some more. At least we'd get to see him every week.

You can find out more about the TV series here

I'm thinking that the former project has been renamed cos there was a movie on his resume called, Boy of Pigs, so it's safe to say the title has changed. No telling when this movie or Explicit Ills will be released. The movie he tweeted/twitterd [whatever] me about sounded good, so lets cross our fingers for this one.

EDIT: Thx to the Anonymous tipster/tipper for telling me that Jermaine's movie Explicit Ills is out already.

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