Friday, April 3, 2009

Video: Tristan on Dogg After Dark

For those of you who missed it. I hope this Red Tails movie takes off. Yall know how we are when it comes to "black films"; we only support the step & fetch it comedies [Madea], romance, family, & dance films, but don't support the OTHER quality black films out there. Yall know The Great Debaters, and The Secret Life of Bees coulda done better. SMH.

The CW's gonna be all on his nuts if he blows up from this movie, tryna get him more play than they've been giving him. Watch. LOL

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  1. I agree. i don't understand how Madea does better than The Great Debaters. I really hope Red tails takes off. It seems like it is going to be excellent in terms of quality. LMAO at the cw giving tristan a bigger role.

  2. lol. you're a mess Blu. but its so true. If he wasn't with Silver, honestly, what would his purpose be? That's how they treat us. Next thing you know they will have to add a straight black girl on there to come between he and Silver getting back together. Or they will add some other little white girl or Latino...smh?...we'll have to wait and

  3. LMAO. yea they played us with Lauren London. I mean at this point I would've even settled for him being in a relationship w/ her even though she is bi-sexual. And yea they could add at least one more black person to the show for Dixon to connect with. But apparently black people can't have healthy relationships... unless it's on The Game. And even then they had to go that black cop attempt was pitiful. Really though, I'm glad it is Tristan representing us on the show. He is a positive role model from what I can tell.