Monday, June 15, 2009

Guess Who's Bizzack!?

So yeah, I was only gone for a lil over a week and I realized that I can blog and tweet at the same time. Right? Right. So I'm back with good news.

1. Tristan is back in the states! YAT & he is nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Production for the second season of 90210 will start some time later this month.

michael b jordan as nate

2. Michael B. Jordan is still in Prague, but he will be back in LA in a few weeks. YAY. He is on a new show called The Assistants on The N, and it will premiere on July 10th @ 8:30 EST! I remember him mentioning being on a show on The N when he was on 106 & Park February of last year, so this is good.

Below is a lil background info on Michael's character "Nate".
Nate's always assigned the most ridiculous tasks, from fluffing Zak's shag rugs to re-recording his outgoing voicemail message. He's determined to impress Zak and climb higher on the food chain, but Nate sometimes tries too hard to please -- especially with the ladies. He's had a thing for Gillian's roommate since the moment they met, and he'll jump through hoops to win her affection

You all can check out more about the show here

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