Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Night Lights!!!!

I remember back in '06 & having to choose between Heroes & Friday Night Lights & I decided to watch the former show. I regret that sooooo much. FNL has such a strong following a la The Wire & they have been through so much; premiering along with American Idol, surviving the writer's strike, & then being cut short in the third season. Now they are back w/ their 4 & 5 season. When you're riding with a show while they are going through things like that it makes you feel like you're even more apart of the show. Here I am jumping on the bandwagon all late & stuff. It's cool though, it's better late than never.

They are currently filming season 4 in Austin, Texas & Michael B. Jordan will be playing a new character named Vince Howard. This is the main reason I am back on this blog. I am through with 90210 that show is just ugh. Not for nothing, but it is great to hear about another actor from The Wire doing something worth talking about. I am even more excited because Michael is the only reason I started watching The Wire. FNL is currently airing on Wednesdays @ 9pm on Direct TV Channel 101. [If I'm wrong, let me know]. It will premiere on NBC in 2010. I've heard January, then I heard it was gonna premiere in the summer, then I heard it was gonna premiere in September. There aren't any sites that have the episodes up because they won't release them before it airs on NBC. Sooooo

Click the pic - The video is spoilerish, but it's good. You get to find out more about season 4 & Michael says his piece on there. So Enjoy ;)

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