Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tristan Wilds as Peter Parker?

Tristan Wilds as the new Spiderman? Really? I love the kid, I do. If what he says is true, then WOW. The fact that he was even considered is cool because, A. people are willing to look part color lines. And B, 90210 is really giving him that exposure that he wanted. You don't think he would've been considered for this role if he wasn't on the show do you? Ha.

Now my $0.02

No no no no and no. While I love the idea of someone even considering himto be in a movie of this caliber, I still don't think he is ready to carry a film by himself. He had a stand out role/performance on The Wire as Michael. He didn't really have a stand out performance in The Secret Life of Bees so.... Then there's 90210. I don't think he stands out as a character or an actor on the show. He mostly stands out as a person because he's the only black one. They finally gave him a lil something to work with this season, but it hasn't gotten me interested in his character at all. As a matter of fact, I haven't even watched more than 2 episodes this entire season.

I think he should just continue to try to be part of projects that will challenge him as an actor, and give him some more exposure. I'm not too picky, but anything but a Tyler Perry movie will suffice.

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