Sunday, February 28, 2010

Michael Lee vs. Dixon Wilson

Earlier today Tristan did an "alter ego" photoshoot with Derek Blanks. I believe this is the same guy who has worked with The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Kim Porter (Diddy's girlfriend). I don't know how soon those pictures will be available, so here are some behind the scenes pictures from the shoot. Enjoy ;)

They got Tristan looking like Carlton Banks hahaha, but Dixon doesn't dress like that. Then they got him dressing like his regular self, and Mike wouldn't have his sleeve rolled up. I still can't wait to see how this is gonna turn out though.

According to IMDB, Tristan is supposed to be in a film titled Son of No One, but that's just a rumor for now. THIS IS MY 200th POST!!!!! You can leave comments as a  "guest" if you like. The comment section is not restricted to just registered users.


  1. some of these photoshoots were hit & miss. i think this will be a miss because of how it already looks. u're right: michael should look more thuggish. like a tall T-shirt and some supa baggy jeans woulda have been good. dixon shouldn't look so preppy because he isn't a preppy dude. shrugs

  2. WORD!!! No one cares about Diddy's girlfriend or the housewives of the ATL. they're not real celebs.