Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Michael B. Jordan on the set of "Red Tails" Re-shoots

Yeah so the "rumor" was right. They are shooting reshoots in San Francisco this week. This is a pic Michael uploaded to his Facebook page.

I hope things turn out for the best.


  1. I was juiced when i read this, i went a twittered him because i live in san fransisco, and he said he needed a tour guide but he never twittered me back =( im sad

  2. that's why i mostly talk to tristan on there. randy just go back on twitter mid-february. dukie write sometimes, but not a lot. namond tweets, but he writes to who he wants. CB i see you write to namond a lot, why doesn't he write you back?

  3. tristan writes people he knows and his fans, but i want him to post more pictures.